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Health Care Fraud Infrastructure Fraud COVID 19 Related Fraud

Experienced Counsel
for Whistleblowers

Experienced and effective representation for whistleblowers

Our firm has extensive experience in reviewing, evaluating and litigating federal and state actions brought by whistleblowers.

False Claims Act and other whistleblower cases, are highly complex. It is therefore essential to seek out an attorney who is experienced and can represent your interests for the duration.

Stone Law Firm brings cases on behalf of whistleblowers who bring forward cases in areas, such as:

  • Healthcare fraud

  • Securities and Commodities fraud

  • COVID-19 related fraud

  • Goverment Contracting fraud

Attorney Stone has experience in representing whistleblowers from all industries in the most complex, substantial false claims cases in the United States.

Before we file your case, we investigate the facts and the fraud. We extensively research the law. We prepare a complete and convincing complaint and disclosure statement.

We have established relationships with the various U.S. Attorney Offices across the country, including in Western Pennsylvania, and in the U.S. Department of Justice. And we work collaboratively with other members of the False Claims Act and whistleblower bar from across the country.

Contact us for a confidential case review.

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