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Procurement Fraud

Litigation of Procurement Fraud Cases

Stone Law Firm represents whistleblowers who know of fraud matters involving the government’s purchase of goods and services. Frauds committed by those who contract with the government undermine the integrity of the federal procurement process by tainting decision-making, increasing costs, and adversely affecting competition

This includes instances when government contractors falsify pricing data, when government contractors provide goods or services that do not comply with contract requirements, and/or when there are allegations of kickbacks in government contracts.


Procurement Fraud Schemes

Examples of unlawful schemes include:

  • Overcharging and double billing

  • Selling defective products or use of defective materials

  • Offering bribes and kickbacks

  • Violations of Buy America requirements

  • Falsifying quality testing results

  • Failing to disclose data breaches and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities

  • Misrepresenting cybersecurity capabilities

  • Bid-rigging

  • Truth-in-Negotiation Act (TINA) violations

  • Misrepresenting disadvantaged business status (minority, women-owned, service-disabled veteran)

  • Misallocating costs to inflate charges to government contract

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