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Health Care Fraud

Litigation of Health Care Fraud Cases

Our firm has extensive experience in reviewing, evaluating and litigating health care fraud cases brought by whistleblowers.

Health care fraud remains a leading source of False Claims Act settlements and judgments. These recoveries restore funds to federal programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE, the health care program for service members and their families.


But just as important, enforcement of the False Claims Act deters others who might try to cheat the system for their own gain, and in many cases, also protects patients from medically unnecessary or potentially harmful actions. The FCA is used to pursue matters involving a wide array of health care providers, goods, and services.

Health Care fraud, includes cases involving:

  • Violations of the Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws

  • Unnecessary Services and Substandard Care

  • Pharmaceutical Fraud

  • Medicare Advantage Fraud

  • Double Billing

  • Upcoding 

  • Unbundling

  • Research Grant Fraud

  • Billing for Unlicensed Providers

  • Billing for Unapproved Drugs or Medical Devices

  • Forging or Altering Medical Records


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