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Experience Matters

It is wise to seek an experienced attorney to evaluate and pursue your False Claims Act case.

The Stone Law Firm, LLC, led by Andrew Stone, is well-equipped to handle False Claims Act cases and has been successful in representing whistleblower plaintiffs.

We presently are involved in numerous False Claims Act cases of significant size that are pending in several federal districts.

These cases can be highly complex, and there are critical filing considerations for False Claims Act (qui tam) cases that can create problems for inexperienced counsel. 

From start to finish, False Claims Act cases typically last for many years. It is therefore essential to seek out an attorney who will best represent your interests for the duration. 

For cases that we accept, we thoroughly investigate the fraud, extensively research the law and facts, and prepare a complete and convincing Disclosure Statement and Complaint prior to bringing the claim in federal district court.

We have established relationships with various US Attorney Offices and the US Department of Justice, as well as with other members of the qui tam bar across the United States.

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